Jan 5, 2011

To Etsy or not to Etsy

I don't know why, but it has taken me over three years to organize myself to offer paintings for sale through an online presence. There are lots of 'painting a day' artists who do this and a myriad of virtual stores where anyone can set up an account for a price.
Nicotiana painting.
Etsy is the largest art and craft online store in the world and includes over 200,000 crafts people with storefronts. With that many choices, overwhelming is a word that comes to mind. At best Etsy is a testament to the high degree of originality and creativity in the world. A buyer can search by color of item, by location or by object. It also includes a wide array of supplies for crafters. There are also 'stores' with vintage items...things like the old Simplicity sewing patterns that some of use used to own (pre-decluttering!)
Working out flower placement on an oil painting of daffodills.
Our daughter Emily has been selling her original, handsewn stuffies, paintings and custom painted vinyls on Etsy for over five years. When I tell her that the setup seems very complicated she looks at me with a mixture of incredulity and skepticism and says softly “mom, I know you can do it”.  I suppose that broken record of hers has worn me down over the years and here I am!
Follow the White Rabbit  aka our daughter Emily on Etsy.

I am still 'building the store' and I am almost ready to make it live! As I post items I'll be writing about them here; giving you the back story, as it were!  I enjoy sharing my painting processes and discoveries with you in hopes that it will encourage you to explore  your own creativity.  And forget about your doubts about whether you can create. “I know you can do it”.


  1. Hi Flora,

    I get it. I think it's a full time job managing it. Maybe that's why you've been reluctant.

    Not quite ready yet myself, but I am inspired by you.


  2. I can about ditto what Barbara says. I'll be watching your progress!

  3. Hey Carol and Barbara.........well it's done and another ongoing committment I guess....sorta like blogging ;-) But both of you would understand that!
    Taking 5 photos of each piece is quite the challenge all by itself, but the advantage is that I have great photos of the work and can blog more about the process, while the finished products look on from the sidebar.
    I'll keep you posted about this experiment! xoxo Flora


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