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Paintings are for sale at our studio. Please see the contact page for our hours of opening or call or email for a special viewing. We are usually home either in the studio or in the garden, ready for a cup of tea with you!


  1. Thanks for putting me on your website, I had a look at your linocuts, did you know you could get a much crisper even print than that even printing by hand without access to a press. What brand ink and roller are you using?

  2. Hi Shana!
    Sometimes I use speedball ink, sometimes oil paint. I have a couple of different kinds of rollers.
    I have some Intaglio oil based inks which I haven't used yet.
    When I print a monoprint from plexiglass, I paint directly onto the plexiglass with tubed watercolours.
    What is your suggestion about crisp prints?


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