Larry Knox

Larry's entry to the Nova Scotia Metal Arts Guild 'Metamorphose' show, 2010.

Over twenty years ago, my life-long interest in rock collecting led me to evening classes at the Art Centre at Central Technical School, Toronto. I learned how to shape pieces of sodalite, lapis, jasper and other stones into cabachon shapes.

Next I learned to facet rough pieces of semi and precious minerals into glistening gems. I studied cutting and faceting with Al Manestar of the North York faceting guild, who showed me the tricks to getting the highest refracted light from a cut stone.

An element was still missing. Frustrated with the limitations of mass-produced settings for my pieces, I decided to study silversmithing next. This led to years of classes and workshops through George Brown College's silversmithing and jewellery program. I learned to shape metal, to create patinas and to build objects such as teapots and pieces with mixed metals. I studied with Canadian master silversmiths Ross MorrowDavid Ivens and Ireland's Brian Clarke.

Finally it was time to pick up my tools and move with Flora to the artist community of Bear River, Nova Scotia!

My work here is influenced by past cultures, and the many thousands of years of metal working traditions. The land forms around the Bay of Fundy, the wild flowers and the shape of the land in Bear River where I live all influence my work. Artistic movements such as the Arts and Crafts also inform my design choices.

Currently at Green Willow Studio, I am working on my “Vessel Series”.

I take forgotten and discarded materials on a new journey, travelling through a reshaping process using traditional techniques of silversmithing.

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Here is a slide show of all the entries of the Nova Scotia Metal Arts Guild members during our Annual Group show in 2010.
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