Jan 19, 2011

Daily Painter Edward B. Gordon

Edward B. Gordon is a painter living in Berlin. This video is a fascinating glimpse of his studio, his method of working and his love of composition.
Check out his daily blog at http://edwardbgordon.blogspot.com/


  1. I love this man's work and his philosophy. I share his view on craftsmanship vs art whole heartedly. A daily practice is vital to our development and I hope that I can maintain my daily drawing habit. Thanks for sharing this video and thanks for signing up for my blog. I try to post to my blog page once or twice a week and add to the daily drawing page each day. So far, so good. Thanks for you help to get this started.

  2. Louise, Edward B Gordon is so prolific and I love the light in his work. It's also interesing to see his approach to painting. Congratulations on your daily drawings. I know they compel me to look at your blog every day! I love that new watercolour in your blog post...such wonderful reds and nice lost and found edges.

  3. thank you showing the video. All the very best for your work !

    yours Edward

  4. Hi Flora,

    I am a major long-term fan of Edward's work, and
    constantly inspired by his consistent vision.

    I wrote about you on my blog last night. Oops better make the link.


  5. I found this very interesting and an inspiration. Thanks for sharing Flora.

  6. Edward, your work is an inspiration always. I spent a few years in Berlin in the early 70's as an art student and I love your scenes of familiar places. Thanks for commenting!

  7. Barbara, I found Edward because of your blog....thanks for the artists you've introduced me to......and thanks for your post and for your blog too!


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