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Acrylic Painting

                   Painting Tutorials
Jan 12.09     Inspiration. Where does it come from?
Feb 07.09    Evolution of a Painting
Mar 30.09    The New Vase
Jun 15.09    Altered Paintings with Photoshop
Nov 02.09   Hanging at the Flight of Fancy
Feb 09.10    Virginia Cobb's Painting Workshop
Jun 07.10    Painting Iris
Jun 29.10    Acrylic Painting Tutorial
Aug 25.10   Painting the Historic Gardens in Annapolis Royal
Jan 13.10    Painting Sunflowers
Jan 17.11    Painting Winter Fields
Feb 2.11     Painting on a Snowy Day
Feb 27.11   Lost and Found - Painting all Over
Mar 12.11   When is a Painting Finished?
Jun 25.11    Acrylic Painting - The Red Tulips
Aug 1.11    Floral Fusion Painting
Aug 24.11  Flora Doehler Paints the Town
Sept 7.11     Painting Zinnias in September
Sept 24.11  Flora's show of paintings at the Mym Gallery

Oil Painting

May 09.09   Painting with Oil Paint
Mar 24.10   Oil Painting on the Bay Fundy
Mar 27.10   Oil Painting without Brushes
Apr 02.10    Painting the Setting Sun

Silversmithing and Jewellery 

Feb 13.11   The Round, Brilliant Gemstone Ring
May 20.11  Copper Enamel Necklaces launch this Weekend
Oct. 17.11  Metal Arts Guild Awards for Larry Knox

Textile and Fibre Arts

Feb 28.09    Fibre Arts Course - online from South Carolina
Jan 30.11    Dyeing with Rust on Fabric

Printmaking and Digital Images

                   Monoprinting Tutorials
Mar 12.09    Printmaking with Foam and a Ballpoint
Jun 15.09    Altered Paintings with Photoshop
Feb 06.10    Monoprinting with cut paper stencils
Sep 01.10    Inspiration in a Wistful Look : monoprinting
Jan 23.12    Monoprinting with watercolours

Creativity and Inspiration and Process

Apr 07.09    Creativity and You and Me
Feb 08.10    Painting Together on Skype
Jan 04.11     Intentions for 2011 at Green Willow Studio
Feb 26.11    Cleaning up my Act - the Unfinished Paintings

Other Artists and Art Galleries

Nov 07.10   A Lesson From Emily Carr (1871-1945)
Jan. 19.11   Edward B. Gordon paints
Jan  07.12  Tradition and Innovation art show

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