Sep 24, 2011

Scenes from the Garden - Paintings at the Mym Gallery

Scenes from the Garden. Showing September 24 - October 12, 2011.
I am showing a selection of paintings of my garden at the ARTsPlace Gallery in Annapolis Royal starting today. It's a great feeling to see my work on display in such a sun-filled space.
That Day in the Garden. 30" x 36"

The Gallery is open from Tuesday to Friday, 9 - 4 pm., and on weekends from 1 - 4 pm
I will be at the Gallery on Saturday, October 8th from 1 - 4 pm, after the last outdoor Annapolis Market of the season. Please drop by!
Here is a video of the work in situ!

And here are photos of all the paintings. Clicking on the images will enlarge them.

Crocosmia. 7" x 9"

Blue Horizons. 10" x 12"

The Dancers. 10" x 12"

 Dahlia and Nicotiana. 9" x 12"

I added black and white photos of my flowers to the display to give the viewer a sense of the setting I'm in.

The Studio. 9" x 9"

Flowers in a Blue Jug. 11" x 14"

Red Gladiolas. 9" x 9"

The Blue Jug. 9" x 9"

Iris Seed Pods and Zinnia. 11" x 14"

Gladiolas. 9" x 12"

Joe & Tansy. 9" x 9"

Cordelia's House. 22" x 22"

Nasturtium. 9" x 12"

Paintings can be purchased through the Gallery or you can contact me at  

Sep 7, 2011

Painting Zinnias in September

I have a little art show coming up in a few weeks at the Arts Council in Annapolis Royal and I am moving around my garden painting the September flowers for the show.

Zinnias, marigold and golden rod replaced the iris and bergamot.

 The paintings are small, for the room is tiny. I am painting each scene twice using first watercolours and then acrylic because I think it will be interesting for viewers to see the same scene using two different mediums and approaches.

 These photos show the watercolour steps I went through in painting the zinnias.

...and this is what the acrylic painting looks like so far:

acrylic painting 11" x 14" by Flora Doehler.

 I am so enjoying spending this time with the beautiful colour and blooms in the garden and listening to the birds while I paint. And being under a bit of pressure about it is a good way to keep on task!
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